Q & A

1. name. brad norris.

2. nickname. bard. 

2. describe yourself in 3 words. erratic. idealistic. loud.

3. salon experience background. Moxie since 2006.

4. hidden talent? jaw harp... i play a mean jaw harp. oh, and awkwardness

5. where do you find inspiration?  hair inspiration- mostly music and musicians. fashion inspiration- the look of the 60's, the vibe of 90's seattle and a bit of 80's New York punk. life inspiration- i look to the writings of rumi and st francis.  also, trees are rather remarkable.

6. hobbies. writing. making noise with friends. exploring. hugging children (mine).

7. favorite drink. unsweet tea with a side of lemon.

8. favorite bands. nick cave. self defense family. idles. david bowie. iggy pop. lungfish. bjork. queen. 

9. best concert experiences. nick cave and the bad seeds. refused. murder city devils. bambara. ceremony.  wovenhand. maxwell. at the drive-in. sponge. fugazi. 

10. style icons. nick cave. david bowie. scott weiland. freddie mercury. dennis lyxzen. i adore the way these gentlemen aged into a more classic look. i also have a soft spot for the 80's punk/goth aesthetic. 

11. favorite quote. "you were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" - rumi

12. your hair routine. wash once a week with Analog cleansing conditioner. apply Control paste to slightly damp hair. go to sleep. wake up and apply more Control and finish with Outer Space hairspray. the rest of the week is a combination of hoping for the best and applying Badlands dry shampoo paste.

13. favorite R + Co products. as of today... Control paste, Analog cleansing conditioner, Badlands dry shampoo and Outer Space hairspray.

14. favorite city to visit. not detroit. 

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