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hailing from florida by way of new york, jenny is the resident shampoo guru and all-around crowd favorite. 

Q & A

1. name. jenny franchi

2. nickname. frankie

3. describe yourself in 3 words. Tired. Cushioned. Dancey.

4. salon experience background. the moxie.

5. hidden talent? no comment.

6. where do you find inspiration? Water inspires me.

7. hobbies. Zumba. Eating.

8. favorite drink. Cawfee

9. favorite bands. Rubber

10. favorite concert experiences. T.i. t.i. & t.i.

11. style icons. Curvy IG women

12. favorite quote. "I like children when they're properly cooked."

13.  your hair routine. Wash. condition. towel dry. apply curl product. diffuse.

14.  favorite R + Co products. Gemstone shampoo and conditioner 

15. favorite city to visit. Currently Apex, NC... where my nephews live

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