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Q & A

1. name. Krystal Leneta Clark

2. nickname. krittle

3. describe yourself in 3 words. idk. brad. gah.

4. salon experience background. twenty years working at both independent and corporate salons

5. hidden talent? pinch or pick up things with toes.

6. where do you find inspiration? co-workers. other stylists. music. classes. hair shows.

7. hobbies. kayaking. crafting. being outdoors. traveling. going to concerts.

8. favorite drink. coffee with hazelnut creamer

9. favorite bands. florence and the machine. tool. pink floyd.

10. favorite concert experiences. Florence and the Machine... Nashville, 2015... she's so humble, and has such great energy. it was an enchanting and magical evening. Radiohead at Bonnaroo,2012... the best set of the entire festival. It was as if everyone was trapped in a bubble of humidity and when thom yorke sang "rain down on me", from paranoid android, that bubble burst, and everyone could finally breathe. Ani Difranco in a small venue in 2015. the intimacy and seeing her in all her power was truly amazing.

11. style icons. Audrey Hepburn. Charlize Theron. Adele. Betty Paige. 

12. favorite quote. "keep on smiling" - wet willie

13. your hair routine. Cowash with Analog. tshirt dry. add Twister. air dry. diffuse. add texture with Trophy.

14. favorite R + Co product. Trophy shine + texture spray.

15. favorite city to visit. chattanooga, tn

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