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the moxie threw a 10 year anniversary party. we invited clients and friends to come celebrate with us... good times were had.

during the event, i had a moment of overwhelming appreciation. looking across the crowd, at the attendees, i realized that this party had hardly anything to do with the salon. what we were actually gathered to celebrate was community.

earlier when i said that we had invited clients and friends, thats the real ruse of it all. the beautiful truth is that over time, the line between the two becomes blurred.

conversation is the great converter and a salon is a place of conversation. conversation creates bonds. those bonds create community and community is bigger than hair. community is bigger than business.

community will grow naturally wherever interaction is encouraged but community must be tended to. celebrate with each other. mourn with each other. being open is truly a dangerous way to live. be dangerous. community is worth the risk.

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