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"i know you hate when people bring a picture in."

not true... or at least it shouldn't be.

conversation. the first step in a great haircut. its all about the conversation.

one of the easiest ways to bridge the gap between hairdresser jargon and client lingo is through reference photos. an image helps to pinpoint the desired feel and aesthetic.

replication. stylists are not in the business of replication and exact duplication should never be the end goal. hair type, preexisting conditions, density, lifestyle and willingness to invest in the time all factor into optimized hair direction. not to mention, will the goal image look good on the guest?

explanation. its up to hairdressers to explain the processes behind the photo. clients shouldn't be expected to know what efforts is going to be necessary to achieve their end goal... its not their responsibility to. so when a finished look is going to require 6-8 hours, multiple processes, multiple visits, several hundred dollars and potentially fade within a few weeks.... its the stylists duty to share the truth behind the image.

no client should feel that bringing a picture is wrong. period.

its all about the conversation. its all about the inspirations. so please, bring a picture... bring a few.

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